Welcome to Everyday Blessings!

We are the Shelton Family – Steve, CaraLee, and our wonderful kids.  Married over 30 years, both of us come from families with a deep heritage of faith, and both have a deep desire to be creative and purposeful in our service to the Lord.  As our family grows, we are trying to find ways to make Scripture – God’s very word –  alive and ever present in our home.  Everyday Blessings is an outgrowth of that desire!  Our prayer for you is that you might be inspired to see the beauty in the ordinary, the blessings that surround us, and the absolute miracle of our everyday walk with God. 

We hope to share some of our family traditions, our thoughts and prayers, faith-building resources that our family has found helpful.  The really big news for 2011, however, is that we are working diligently to unveil “Classic Christianity,” a devotional based on the lifetime work of  our Papa Meade.  As a traveling evangelist in the 1920’s and 30’s, and subsequently a pastor through his death in 1971, his dedication to living a life that glorifies God is inspiring, and we have found that his words frame timeless truths that are important for believers today.  We are very excited to be able to bring these words of wise counsel to you and your family this next year! 


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  1. Josh & Diane says:

    Thanks for having a blog Shelton Family. Keep it up!!

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