This Day

Today – time-on-my-hands, sun-at-my-back, world-at-my-feet – just for today.

Sunday – songs to be raised, God to be praised, love the Author of days  – It is Sunday!

Joy – joy in the journey, joy in His house, joy found in trials – True Joy

Blessings – thankful for all, rare to the small, I’m so enthralled- Such a blessing

Today – a new day of mercies, a clean slate to write life, one more chance to bring glory- just for Today


About caralee2010

Walking along this faith-journey, I have discovered that rather than the smooth road I had anticipated, my life more resembles a patchwork quilt. It's warm and practical, comfortable and even pretty in a homespun sort of way...but it sure isn't the path I thought I would be going down! I have been so blessed to have such diverse and incredible experiences as working in the finance industry and being a stay at home mom. Unexpected turns and twists along the way have turned into decades-long detours along the country routes of life, leaving me laughing in amazement at the beauty of the unexpected. I am so thankful to Jesus, for holding my up, directing my path, and being the rock on which I stand.
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